Interactive music assemblies for schools that carry a powerful message for our youth. Joel sings popular songs, while delivering a strong message. Choose from an “Oldies Rock n’ Roll” or “Country” music theme. During all of Joel’s assemblies, students become part of the show by dancing, playing rubber guitars, shaking tambourines, wearing Elvis shades or cowboy hats and singing into the microphone. Autographed scarves and prizes are given away to selected students. On the middle school level, volunteers participate in a hoola hoop, inflatable guitar and twist contests. Prizes are given away.

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“Bullying; It’s Not O.K.-Take A Stand Against Bullying.”

The Three R’s Show. “Respect, Responsibility and Rock n’ Roll or Rockin’ Country.”

“Martin Luther King, Jr. Assembly”



Joel Brantley offers a solo act that is INTERACTIVE and FUN for the whole FAMILY!! Choose from two high-energy shows starring Joel Brantley; “Oldies Rock n’ Roll Show” and "The Country Hoe-Down.” In both shows, the audience becomes part of the show by playing rubber guitars and tambourines, wearing Elvis shades or cowboy hats, dancing and singing into the microphone on stage…. kids love being the stars of the show! Joel Brantley goes out into the audience and gives away autographed “Rock n’ Roll Scarves” or “Bandannas.” Joel sings the hits by Elvis, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, George Strait, Alan Jackson and many more. Patriotic songs, Impersonations and costume changes. Joel has performed at dozens of fairs in the last ten years and his shows have been proven to gather big crowds.

• Joel also offers a children’s show, for kids up to 6th grade, called “Happy Bein' Me.” Joel plays guitar and sings songs he wrote off his NEW CD. This interactive set is full of all original, up beat, positive songs like "Good People Do Good Things" , "Don’t Give Up" and "Dinosaur Stomp”.



All of the musical programs listed below have been a big hit with the seniors and open houses.

• Country Hoe-Down • 1950's and 60's Sock Hop • Candle light Dinner Show (Ballads and Love Songs) • Variety Show (A mix of popular songs) • Holiday Shows: Christmas, Valentines Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Veteran's Day • Elvis or Roy OrbisonTribute • Bar-B-Q's • Open House • Acoustic guitar song set: (I only use a small amp, mic and guitar for this act; therefore I offer a discount on this program.)

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• Classic Entertainment. Joel sings the Motown, rockabilly and rock n’ roll hits from the 50’s and 60’s. His energetic stage performance and smooth vocals will keep everyone rockin.’ Costume changes.


Joel Brantley

Library System – Summer Reading Program
Series: Summer Reading Program – Dig into Reading.

Title of Programs: “READING ROCKS” and "READING ROUND-UP.”

Kids have fun while they learn about the importance of reading through an interactive musical program at Your Library. This is a high energy musical act where kids become part of the show! Choose from an oldies rock n’ roll music theme - "Reading Rocks,” or a country music theme - "Reading Round-Up.” Joel Brantley sings songs kids know, all with positive and inspiring messages. Kids learn about dinosaur facts and sing along with songs Joel wrote, such as "Dinosaur Stomp” and “Read a Book.” Joel tells students how reading helped find and make his dreams of becoming a singer, songwriter and engineer come true.

Joel Brantley

“Joel’s enthusiastic interaction and use of volunteer audience participation made all attendees seem special and glad they were there. Joel charmed all of us.”

Judy Boaz - George Coon Public Library, Princeton, Kentucky

"We experienced record numbers (over 800 children) for two shows performed by Mr. Brantley. He captivated the children, parents, and staff with his production and we were extremely pleased with the response from the children and parents.”

Jean Nichols - Clarksville Montgomery County Library, Clarksville, TN


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