Joel Brantley literally has dozens of references, with twenty years experience in his chosen profession. Here we'll list but a few:


Comments from school principals in Idaho

"Joel had students in the palm of his hands from the start with his up-beat 50’s Rock n’ Roll music. The transitions to the anti-bully theme were effective including audience feedback on the various aspects of bullying. Musical interludes kept student interest while leading into the next discussion point. I would recommend Joel Brantley in any setting with students with the themes of anti-drug, anti-bullying, as well as respect & responsibility. Mr. Brantley is a multi-talented musician who can adjust the musical theme from Rock n’ Roll to Country Music to fit the preference of the school and their students."
Dennis Kachelmier/Principal - St. Maries Middle School (St. Maries, ID)

"Joel’s program, “Respect, Responsibility and Rock n’ Roll,” was enjoyed by all the middle school students. The kids really got into it and then he had a rubber guitar contest with five of our students, which everyone loved. After he got our attention he talked about Dreams and Respecting ourselves and going for our dreams. He talked about choices and told the kids they could do anything they wanted and to pursue their dreams. He had catchy phrases like: “Drugs and Dreams don’t mix,” the kids were totally in tune with him because he had their complete attention and then left them an extremely strong message that was excellent. I recommend that you contact him for an assembly in your schools."
Ronald L. Perrenoud/Principal - Ririe Middle School (Ririe, ID)


Comments from school principals in Washington

"Mr. Brantley’s assembly titled “Respect, Responsibility, and Rock n’ Roll” was a great success. Out of all the assemblies we have had at Linwood, Mr. Brantley’s tops the list as the favorite of both students and staff."
Gina Naccarato-Keele/Principal - Linwood Elementary (Spokane, WA)

"Joel’s high energy, fun spirited musical performance creates an immediate and captive audience. We were really energized and motivated by his inspirational anti-bullying message."
Stephen Merz/Principal - East Valley Intermediate (Yakima, WA)

"Joel’s positive program is very engaging while delivering the message that everyone is in charge of the things they do and say. Students enjoyed the music, the message and his entertaining program. Thanks Joel!"
Cindy McSmith/Principal - Hallett Elementary (Medical Lake, WA)

"Very positive message. Great interaction with students. Our entire K-5 school really enjoyed Joel’s program!"
Jill Freeze/Principal - Davenport Elementary (Davenport, WA)

"Audience participation and engagement was fabulous! The song “Don’t laugh at me” really connected with our students and staff. The music and message were so well connected!"
Dwight Cooper/Principal - Reardan Elementary (Reardan, WA)

"Joel has a gift of capturing the imagination of students. His performance on "Dreams and drugs don’t mix," brought a timely and well received message on goal setting and decision making along with a sound message regarding drug and alcohol use. His music caught and entertained the students and then his message left the students thinking about their life long goals, making proper decisions, and how to stay away from drugs and alcohol."
David Feldhusen/Principal - Evergreen Middle School (Spokane, WA)

"Bullying; It’s Not O.K.” was excellent! The students, K -8, were thoroughly engaged and loved the music. The theme was what we teach about bullying. I would highly recommend this assembly."
Linda Davis/Principal - St. Mary’s Catholic School (Spokane, WA)


Comments from Libraries

"Joel’s enthusiastic interaction and use of volunteer audience participation made all attendees seem special and glad they were there. Joel charmed all of us."
Judy Boaz - George Coon Public Library (Princeton, Kentucky)

"We experienced record numbers (over 800 children) for two shows performed by Mr. Brantley. He captivated the children, parents, and staff with his production and we were extremely pleased with the response from the children and parents."
Jean Nichols - Clarksville Montgomery County Library (Clarksville, TN)

"I highly recommend Joel Brantley for an entertaining and educational program."
Rhonda Glass - Metcalfe County Library (Edmonton, KY)


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